Born in Zaragoza, based in Barcelona.

Roughly 10 years of photography condensed in a love for black and white film. The combination of analog means and the technology at hand results in  fine detailed images.

Started studying graphic design and it was the gateway to photography, bought a journalist kit from Canon and started both taking pictures and shooting video. Digital was alright and I still give good use to many digital tools, but after reviving an old analog Canon 1000F I found something in how film catches light compared to a digital sensor that kept me shooting film more often, until I just stopped using that old Canon 600D.

I’ve come across many cameras and have kept the ones I consider will be of good use, you can check those out here.

Once in touch with both film and camera I got into developing film as it was the next logical step and since then have processed color, black and white and slides.

I have yet to decide which is my favourite thing to photograph, portrait does get my attention but I also enjoy experimenting with stillness.

Any inquiries here.

Prints available here.